EUROC suggests and strongly recommends that any owners with any concerns or questions relating to their timeshare, should always contact the management team or owner committee representative at their club in the first instance.

Owners that choose not to contact their clubs or committee representatives to discuss their timeshare and engage with a 3rd party, could lead to falling victim to timeshare related fraud and parting with large sums of money.


General Advice for Timeshare Owners

EUROC’s priorities and activities are always guided by feedback from the membership and can change at any time as and when issues arise and when new opportunities and initiatives are presented.

The organisation will continue to facilitate and encourage a platform whereby timeshare club and resort representatives can join forces and work together, find solutions to common issues and, continuously explore ways to share best practice and encourage member clubs to enhance owner engagement and positive timeshare experiences.

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Our members range from independent timeshare clubs to clubs operated by a management company or developer.


We would like to say a big thank you to all of our existing members who have joined EUROC since we first began; we are sincerely grateful to you for your continued support for the organisation and for your engagement, ideas and willingness for EUROC to succeed.  We encourage more timeshare clubs to join our network, click below to see which clubs are already in membership.

Current EUROC members

What is EUROC?

The European Resort Owners’ Coalition (EUROC) is the official, independent, non-profit association that provides a strong network and an interactive forum for timeshare resort managers, owners committee representatives, management companies and suppliers to the industry.  Through an exchange of ideas, sharing of best practice and with a unified voice – EUROC members work together to maintain a strong and effective position within the timeshare industry and continuously strive to act in the best interest of timeshare owners and their clubs.


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