Putting owners represented by member
committees & HOAs at the forefront
Ensuring that the voice of the timeshare
ownership community is heard
Standing side by side with Timeshare Clubs
around the UK & Europe

Creating a powerful timeshare owners community to fight against timeshare fraud and protect owners from falling victim to illegal activities and scams.

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Being a member of EUROC will put your club and your owners at the forefront of all things timeshare related and help create a powerful united front.

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Offering support & guidance on current and potential legislative, regulatory and market-driven issues that impact timeshare clubs and owners.

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What is EUROC?

The European Resort Owners’ Coalition (EUROC) is the official, independent, non-profit making association that stands side by side with timeshare owners, committee representatives and onsite club/resort management teams from timeshare home owner clubs (HOAs) and resorts around Europe to form an alliance of likeminded people who all have the same goal, duty and commitment towards preserving, protecting and enhancing the world of timeshare ownership.

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Home Owner Clubs and Resorts from all around Europe can join EUROC on behalf of their owners...Join today and be a part of the timeshare owners’ association that’s making a difference.