Timeshare Exchange

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About Exchange

There are several exchange companies within the timeshare industry that operate a system allowing timeshare owners to trade the accommodations they own for comparable accommodations or travel-related services.  Most timeshare clubs or resort companies are affiliated with an exchange company.  You may want to speak to your resort team or committee representatives to find out who your club is affiliated with.  Many resort companies or timeshare club offer an internal exchange mechanism that allows owners to exchange to resorts within their company’s portfolio of resorts or to another week at a different time of year if that option is available.


Some of the most well-known exchange companies are Resort Condominiums International (RCI), Interval International (II) and 7 Across formerly known as Dial An Exchange.  There is also a small independent exchange company called UK Resort Exchange (UKRE) who primarily deal with exchanges in the U.K. Diamond Resorts (now Hilton Grand Vacations) also launched their own internal exchange option for their owners and members, this is called, Destination Xchange.

Timeshare Exchange Companies

    Website: www.7across.com

   Website: www.rci.com