Urgent Warning re New Timeshare Exit & Claims Scams

KwikChex has received a surge in reports from consumers defrauded and harassed by businesses using cold calling and new scare tactics – including telling people who have previously relinquished their timeshares that they will be chased for thousands in backdated fees.

An apparent network of businesses has been calling ex-timeshare owners and falsely telling them they have checked ‘official lists’ and found that they are still liable for fees as their contracts have not been ‘legally terminated’.   Even when the consumers have provided documents from the timeshare companies that confirmed relinquishment, they state that these have no validity and intimidate the consumers into paying huge fees. This is fraud – the written confirmations of relinquishment that have been provided are binding, even if the timeshare company is taken over.

To find out more details on this, please click the following link: https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/urgent-warning-re-new-timeshare-exit-claims-scams/