Timeshare owners are the ‘most specifically targeted’ victims of scammers

Research by KwikChex, the award-winning investigation, verification and resolutions business shows that in a world absolutely saturated with fraud, timeshare owners are the most specifically targeted group.

Most scammers work on a broad ‘numbers game’ – using unsolicited contact and online marketing that reaches as many people as possible, in the hope that some consumers will fall for the scam.

Whilst there are huge numbers of consumers that fall prey to scams involving elements such as currency trading and other financial scams, or other common frauds such as dating / ‘romance’ scams, and there was prolific activity in Covid-related scamming, these are generally types that put out substantial amounts of ‘bait’ to hook people with various life-aspirations or fear factors, and are rarely specific to a group of consumers.

Timeshare owners are in a different category. The scams start with stolen data, and the fraudsters already have critical information they can use to persuade the owners to pay thousands for unnecessary services. Owners are being bombarded with cold calls, texts, emails and internet based marketing offering timeshare exit and claims services – the vast majority of which are scams in one form or another. To continue reading this article, please click here: https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/timeshare-owners-are-the-most-specifically-targeted-victims-of-scammers/