News from Kwikchex

KwikChex has spent years developing and honing our timeshare-related services. During that time, we have focused principally on European timeshares, but we have had an increasing demand for assistance from businesses, consumers and other organisations from all over the world. The launch of our Timeshare Assistance website timeshareassistance.com brings together the complete spectrum of our services on a worldwide basis.

Our perspective – continuous improvement in a global sector full of quality which has the best customers in the world.

KwikChex began its work in the timeshare sector in 2014, some 4 years after establishing a reputation for providing accurate online information and tackling fraud in many forms. The impact was immediate, with the UK’s Mail newspaper featuring the early successes of the free help given to timeshare owners – and the work in knitting together timeshare companies, owners and authorities to help improve safeguarding and resolutions for the problems facing the sector.

Since that time, KwikChex has been proud to have resolved thousands of difficult issues, to the benefit of owners, the timeshare industry and justice.

We regard timeshare owners as extraordinary customers who loyally invest in some of the best facilities the global hospitality sector has to offer. As such, they deserve to be treated in exemplary fashion.

Whilst so many owners we have talked with have had fantastic experiences with their timeshares and with the additional benefits; such as exchange programmes that go with them, there have, without doubt, been many problems – from early timeshare investment scams to today’s claims and exit scammers that intimidate and feed false information to many long-term owners –  particularly those that are older and more vulnerable.

So, in addition to the KwikChex focus on European timeshares and the free safeguarding services provided to timeshare owners,  with the launch of the Timeshare Assistance website, KwikChex is now expanding to meet the demands from the international timeshare community to provide a truly global service that is dedicated and determined to provide solutions across the spectrum that will help timeshare businesses become more successful by deservedly moving up the ‘reputation ladder’, through continuous improvement in their relationship with owners.

We have some great services to make this happen, including our new Veri-Good product, which truly verifies high standards. And in the meantime, we remain committed to supporting consumer protection across the world in the timeshare sector by assisting owners, legislators and regulators and law enforcement authorities.

Visit the new Timeshare Assistance website for further information – https://timeshareassistance.com