EUROC Seminar postponed to November 2021…

Although there appears to be some light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel with the recent vaccine rollout across the U.K; the EUROC board have taken the early decision to once again postpone their annual seminar due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the rules and restrictions for holding an event or large gathering. There is a substantial amount of organisation, commitment and forward planning that takes place to make the seminar happen and it was felt by all that by postponing the seminar to a date later in the year would be the most practical and safest decision for all involved.

We have liaised with the venue – Hogarths Hotel in Solihull – and secured a revised date of Wednesday 3rd November 2021 so please do save the date and more details will follow later in the year.

The November 2021 seminar will be free of charge for all attendees (with lunch included) and will be open to all ALL of your club committee members along with your resort management teams so please feel free to ask them to save the date in November 2021 as it will be great to all get together again to share ideas and explore ways to better owner engagement and discuss possible solutions to overcome issues facing overall club/resort operations and general timeshare ownership.