Club La Costa announces the closure of its sales companies

Club La Costa announced to its members last month that it had decided to discontinue new timeshare sales in the UK and Spain, and has since closed those particular marketing & sales companies. 

This decision does not affect any CLC World Resorts or their many Real Estate projects, which continue to operate normally for CLC members – within the current Covid-19 rules and regulations.  Club La Costa remains committed to continuing to deliver high quality holidays to its owners and guests.

Recently, there has been a significant increase of fraudulent activity and unsolicited contact taking place with timeshare owners being targeted with nuisance calls and emails from rogues who are offering them ways to exit their timeshare.

In light of this announcement, all CLC members are being advised to exercise extreme caution and due diligence if they receive any form of unsolicited contact from any company contacting them regarding their timeshare.

If people have queries about their ownership, they should contact Club La Costa customer services directly on 0800 031 9151

Click here to view the statement from CLC