Meetings, Events & Networking

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EUROC events, meetings and networking opportunities allow club and resort committee representatives, management teams and friends from within the timeshare industry to come together to share ideas, develop solutions, discuss any issues of concern and build relationships – all with one goal in mind, protecting, preserving and enhancing the world of timeshare ownership.

2021 Seminar

Revised date: Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm – Venue: Hogarths Hotel, Solihull
(registration from 8.30am onwards)

Join us in November 2021 for the EUROC annual seminar and come together with timeshare professionals, procurement specialists and fellow club and committee representatives and resort management teams from timeshare clubs around the UK and Europe. Participate in discussions, share ideas and explore solutions for current and potential future issues impacting your club and the world of timeshare ownership.

The seminar is free of charge (with lunch included) and is open to ALL of your club/resort committee members along with your resort/club managers so please feel free to invite them along, whether a familiar or new face; we hope to see as many of you there as possible!

For more details on the seminar programme and speakers and to register your interest, please email:

Regular Club and Resort Conference Calls

Committee representatives and resort management teams from clubs and resorts around the U.K and the rest of Europe come together on a regular series of conference calls organised by EUROC to allow an opportunity for timeshare clubs of all sizes from a variety of locations to stay connected, share ideas, discuss common issues and share good practice with each other. Please contact the EUROC Member Relations Manager by email: for the details of our next zoom club and resort conference call.

Previous events

EUROC held a successful first seminar on 2nd September 2019 at The Lea Marston Hotel in Sutton Coldfield.

The event gave committee members representing clubs and home owner associations (HOAs) from around Europe the opportunity to share ideas, discuss current and potential future issues impacting the world of timeshare ownership, as well as explore possible solutions together.

Sessions included building a community to create positive engagement with owners; making the most of exchanging timeshare weeks; updates from the Timeshare Task Force, the organisation fighting timeshare fraud; discussions on current and potential legislative, regulatory and market-driven issues that impact timeshare clubs and owners, and much more.

The EUROC Member Relations Manager, said: “The first update seminar was a great success, with a healthy turnout of committee members and resort management teams from a wide range of clubs and resorts who hopefully learned a lot but also gave us plenty of feedback.

“EUROC has got off to a great start with many key resorts signing up as founder members, including the likes of Cameron Lodges, Loch Lomond, Diamond Resorts, Craigendarroch, Club Las Calas, Lakeland Village, CLC World Resorts & Hotels and Coylumbridge”.

“The message is getting out there and we’re aiming to get many more resorts and HOAs on board  in the near future.  It’s only by working together as an owner community that we’ll be able to keep clubs, resorts and owners at the forefront of all things relevant to timeshare ownership.”