General Help & Advice for Timeshare Owners

On this page you will find general information and contact details that will point timeshare owners in the right direction for legitimate help and advice on common topics relating to their timeshare ownership.

EUROC suggests and strongly recommends that you always contact your Home Owner Club to discuss any concerns or questions you have relating to your timeshare before engaging with any 3rd party company. 

General Advice regarding your Timeshare

Primarily and most importantly, always contact your Home Owner Club
In the first instance, EUROC suggests and strongly recommends that you always contact the management team at your Home Owner Club or resort to discuss any concerns or questions you have relating to your timeshare before engaging with any 3rd party claims management company and/or solicitor offering you a way to exit your timeshare.

Contact your club or resort committee representatives
Most timeshare clubs and resorts have a committee in place who are there to represent and speak on behalf of its’ owners.  Usually, the club committee is comprised of several timeshare owners who also own at your club therefore it is recommended that should you have any questions or concerns regarding your timeshare ownership that you make contact with one of your owner committee representatives to discuss your concerns before engaging with any 3rd party company and/or solicitor.

Contact The Timeshare Task Force

If you have a query or concerns and require assistance with a problem relating to your timeshare; the Timeshare Task Force are on hand to help with confidential advice on refunds, relinquishments and issues relating to law enforcement where potential breaches of law may have occurred.

Timeshare Task Force Contact Details

  • Telephone Numbers
  • Within the UK: 01823 510625
  • Outside the UK: 00 44 1823 510625
  • France: 00 33 (0)170702227
  • España: 00 34 (0)932201691
  • Italia: 00 39 (0)236006613

The Timeshare Task Force helpline offers a free service for consumers and is the recommended and legitimate resource for timeshare owners. This service is operated by Kwikchex via funding received from EUROC and is approved by UK Trading Standards.

Reporting unsolicited contact

Data abuse is prolific in the timeshare sector and fuels scams with many timeshare owners wrongly falling victim and parting with large sums of money.  More so now than ever before, fraudulent operators are targeting timeshare owners offering them false promises and ways of exiting their timeshare.

It is advised any timeshare owner receiving any form of unsolicited contact (such as a cold call, text message or e-mail) from a 3rd party company or solicitor should report this as soon as possible by completing the following online form:

All reports will be investigated and evidence of data protection breaches and other unlawful behaviour will be collated and presented to the relevant authorities throughout Europe.

Timeshare Resale and Release Advice

Selling or Releasing your Timeshare

Sometimes timeshare owners need to hand-back or sell their timeshare weeks for a variety of different reasons.  At this time, owners looking for an exit, can be extremely vulnerable to fraudulent operators.

Before you engage with a 3rd party company, we recommend that if you would like to sell or release your timeshare that you speak directly to your Home Owner Club owner services team or a club committee representative to discuss the options available to you.

If you choose to speak or to sell or release your timeshare through a 3rd party company, please be very cautious if they:

  • Cold-called you and initiated contact by email, phone or text – this will likely be a case of data theft.
  • State that your club/resort, an exchange company or a European listing of timeshare owners provided your telephone number and/or have asked them to reach out to you. This will not be the case.
  • Claim to already have a buyer for your timeshare.
  • Tell you not to speak to your club at all and to deal only with them.
  • Promise to pay an unusually high price for your timeshare.
  • Ask you to pay an upfront fee for legal, registration or administrative purposes in order to sell your timeshare. This is now illegal.
  • Pressure you into signing up for a holiday club or discount travel club in return for your timeshare.
  • Are a firm of solicitors asking for an upfront payment to help you obtain a refund of money you paid to a company which has failed to deliver the service it has promised.

If you choose not to contact your Home Owner Club to discuss your timeshare resale/exit options and engage with a 3rd party, this could lead you to falling victim to timeshare fraud and parting with large sums of money with no timeshare exit in place and owing outstanding maintenance fees.  

Advice on how to spot a scam

Timeshare owners have made reports recently regarding approaches made to them via cold-calling and online video meetings by businesses seeking to sell timeshare exit and compensation services. In many cases, they have been persuaded to sign contracts and often pay significant fees immediately.

The Timeshare Exit concerns website offers owners key facts and advice and has been produced to enable owners to deal effectively with such practices from these types of timeshare companies, many of which are unlawful.

Click Here for key facts and information on how to spot a scam

Timeshare Business Check

Always check which 3rd party company you are engaging with first.
The Timeshare Business Check website (provided by the Timeshare Task Force and supported by EUROC) is the source of information to advise timeshare owners on how to protect themselves from misleading resale, transfer and marketing scams and also to give them a website whereby they can verify information regarding businesses operating within, or associated with the European timeshare sector.

You will be able to find out:

  • Advice and resources to carry out checks on businesses and products prior to making any payments or entering into contracts.
  • Level of transparency regarding their business details.
  • Any official government action taken against the company/executives.
  • Check for warnings about specific companies.
  • Advice on what steps to take if you have paid monies/entered into a contract and are concerned that there may be dishonest, fraudulent or incompetent practices.

Complaint or concern about your Home Owner Club, Resort or Developer

For timeshare owned at an independently operated club
If your Home Owner Club is independently operated with no management company or developer in place then owners should always try and rectify an issues directly with the club committee or on-site management team in the first instance as mentioned above, however, if you feel you need to raise a concern or seek further advice then it is advised you contact EUROC by email:

For timeshare owned at a club operated by a Developer

If you own your timeshare at a club that is operated by a developer, it is likely they will be a member of the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) – the trade association for timeshare ownership across Europe.

RDO members (the developers) are bound by a code of conduct and an independent arbitration scheme, providing levels of protection beyond those required by law.  Should you have a complaint or a concern about your developer, in the first instance it is recommended that you follow the advice listed above in ‘General Assistance’ however if you wish to make a formal complaint, you can also download the complaint registration form listed here on the RDO website.  Alternatively, you can also contact the Timeshare Task Force.

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