EUROC Board of Directors

It has been agreed that the EUROC Board will be an elected body and will consist of a maximum of nine directors. Each director donates their time and efforts to EUROC on an unpaid voluntary basis.

The majority of the EUROC directors are Timeshare Owners who are also committee member representatives from Timeshare Clubs and Resorts around Europe. In 2022, it was agreed to add two timeshare resort professionals to the board of directors to share their day-to-day operational knowledge and experience on matters relating to owners and their clubs.

One director is nominated by The American Resort Development Association – Resort Owners’ Coalition (legislative matters ARDA-ROC). Their financial support towards EUROC’s formation along with their long-term experience and shared knowledge on legislative matters that impact timeshare owners has been invaluable to the organisation.

One director is nominated by the Resort Development Organisation (RDO), the main representative body for European timeshare developers. An RDO presence on the board enables EUROC to liaise with developers more efficiently and vitally brings together the whole European timeshare community in a mutual quest for high standards and continuous improvement. EUROC is grateful to RDO for also providing financial support in the early days to help towards achieving its goals.


The EUROC board structure ensures:

  • That the interests of timeshare owners and their clubs are the key focus of the organisation.
  • There is a broad range of experience in timeshare ownership and professional skills for EUROC owners and Home Owner Associations to draw upon.
  • There is representation on the board from a wide spectrum of timeshare ownership and operational experience – including entirely independent clubs, owner-managed resorts, points-based clubs and developer resorts.

Current board members

Bill Johnston (Chairman) – Owner at Loch Lomond Resort Owners’ Club.

Michael Coletta (Vice Chair) – Owner at Coylumbridge Highland Lodges & Managing Director at The Langdale Estate.

Sue Barnett – Member of the Diamond Resorts European Points Collection.

John Davey – Owner at Alpine Club, Austria.

Mogens Hallas –  Owner at Marriott Club Son Antem.

Richard Coles – Owner at Cameron Lodges Owners’ Club.

Des Pitman – General Manager at The Osborne Apartments.

Paul Gardner Bougaard – Representative from RDO.

Ken McKelvey –  Representative from ARDA-ROC.