True representation and support for European timeshare clubs and their owners

In February 2019, at a meeting of timeshare owner committee representatives and management teams from resorts and home owner clubs around Europe, delegates unanimously supported the proposal to establish a powerful and representative body for timeshare owners and as such, EUROC was launched on 1st March, 2019.

EUROC is the only organisation that always represents the interest of timeshare owners.  It has been created and is run on this basis – not for profit or ‘vested interests’. It is an independent organisation run by owners for owners.

Purpose and Focus

EUROC is the official, independent, non-profit timeshare association that continues to stand side-by-side with timeshare owners, owner committee representatives and resort management teams from timeshare clubs and resorts around Europe to form an alliance of likeminded people who all have the same goal, duty and commitment towards preserving, protecting and enhancing the world of timeshare ownership.

Our primary goal is to provide a platform and strong network for European timeshare club and resort representatives to come together -with a unified voice for the timeshare ownership industry – to share ideas, best practice and explore solutions for current and potential future issues impacting timeshare owners and their clubs.

The organisation is proactive in its approach, seeking solutions and advocating for positive outcomes before they potentially have an impact on timeshare owners and their clubs.


Some of the areas EUROC focuses its attention include:

  • Promoting best practice across the timeshare ownership community.
  • Consulting and supporting government officials and consumer bodies on matters that impact timeshare ownership.
  • EUROC provides connections and a strong network for its members with like minded timeshare clubs and industry professionals.
  • Protecting timeshare owners via its code of conduct.
  • Raise awareness on fraudulent practices affecting timeshare owners.

Timeshare Clubs and Resorts working side by side and forming an alliance are more powerful and more effective…